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Feature Your Brand & Content

Branding Membership Only $32 per Month

Get our absolute best exposure for your latest HVAC news, product releases, events, careers, expert articles or company highlights.

Front Page Sponsor – First 16 get Front Page Sponsorship linked to their Company profile. Limit 1/company.

Featured News/Post – Each month your latest post will be featured for at least one week on our Front Page.

Company Profile – Professionally designed Company Profile that looks as good as this page.

Up to 12 of your posts Featured on Your Company Profile.

Refresh or replace posts.

Have a featured product photo or your company logo in each post.

All Members get featured above non-member listings.

Setup fees waved for new accounts & additional packages.

Earn more discounts & features the longer you are a member.

Add up to 3 additional packages to be featured up to 4 weeks out of the month. Company much choose different months so the content stays diversified.


Here are some frequently asked questions.

Can any company buy a package?

No, all companies must be within the industry & approved by our editors for both relevance & quality. We approve & reject at our sole discretion.

Can we post any content?

No, all content must be on topic & relevant and must meet our quality standards. We may approve or reject content at our own discretion. We’re looking for the highest quality companies & content that are of interest to the trade.

Do we pay if our company is rejected?

No, you’re actually not allowed to pay until your company is approved.

Do we pay if our content is rejected?

Members are expected to submit high quality content. We only want companies who are meticulous about their brands. We are always willing to work with companies who are serious about presenting themselves professionally. If we cannot come to an agreement on your content, you are welcome to cancel your membership & receive a full refund for the current month in which the content was rejected.

Can I cancel at any time?

Yes, there is no contract. Feel free to cancel at any time.

What happens to my content if I cancel?

Your profile, all content & sponsorship will be removed at the end of your paid period.

What if we decide to return?

We’re always glad to have you back. We will need to approve your company & content again. And, your ranking will now be below any other current members. There may also be a setup fee. This is to discourage members from hopping on and off the network which costs our team a lot of time. But, we do understand extenuating circumstances. So, please speak to us about your situation.

What if I miss the deadline for posting?

You can always use an unused post as long as you are a member. And, it will be featured as long as it is within your week. Either way, it will be featured on your profile.

How long does my content stay on?

Profiles can be refreshed after 1 year. By request, they can be refreshed earlier and may involve additional fees depending on the amount of changes. We normally start replacing your old posts with your new ones after one year. So, the January post for this year would replace the January post from last year.

Can I buy single posts?

Yes, for $32 each. And, as long as there are slots available, they can be featured. Either way, it can be featured on your company profile.

Can I add more than one package?

Yes, each company can add up to 3 additional packages giving them a front page feature 4 weeks out of the month. Note that the packages must be on different weeks so one company does not dominate the site. Each package does get a profile that will feature the posts for that package. This allows you to use each package for a different brand, division, product line or event.   

Can I post jobs?

Yes, we have packages specifically for building your Employer Brand or Recruiting specific positions. So, you may buy a package for recruiting or purchase individual job listings. But, we feature jobs on the Career Section instead of the front page. For details, visit our Recruiting Membership Page listed in the Menu.  

Didn’t find your answer?

Our heroic support team can help you.


What you will get

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Free Setup

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Free Access to Community

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